About FedEx Priority Shipping

What is FedEx Priority Shipping and how can I use it?

We have an express shipping option available exclusively on our cut and sewn products (Hoodies, Sweatshirts, Leggings & Hooded Blankets) that come from an overseas facility we have partnered with. This method ensures security, speed, and efficiency with your order.

This shipping method is only available in the USA right now. We are working to see if we can find a way to offer this to Canadian customers in the future at a reasonable rate.

Orders that ship via this method will generally arrive faster than orders that are shipped from within the USA. Hoodie orders fulfilled in the USA take longer to make, and longer to ship. There is no quality or size difference between the items based on fulfillment location. The same exact materials and printers are used. The only difference there will be is that orders coming from overseas will not have our brand name on the package, and orders from inside the USA will. 

Average shipping time with this method is 1-3 days. Most orders will arrive in 2 days, if you're close to Tennessee (the main FedEx facility), you can generally get your order delivered the same day it lands at the airport. Some orders can get pushed to 3 days if the flight is overloaded and your order has to wait an extra day (this is more typical during the holiday season and is unlikely after Christmas passes).

Please keep in mind, the production period of the items still applies. This will be listed on each specific product page. Blankets and Leggings are quicker to make. Hoodies and Sweatshirts take longer due to multiple panels. Personalized items generally take longer as well.

There are no customs delays associated with this shipping method. You, the buyer, and us the seller, are splitting the cost to have preferential treatment at customs. Our orders pass immediately and will always have the proper paperwork for immediate clearance. We had a total of zero delays associated with this shipping method during the holiday season of 2019. Multiple orders arrived the same day they were shipped.


How does it work and what do you as a customer need to do?

FedEx requires a phone number be attached to your order to be able to send it this method. Your number will be used by FedEx to contact you if they miss you for a delivery or need assistance in getting your order to you. It's a requirement from FedEx. We can not ship any orders via this method without a phone number. If an invalid phone number is attached to your order, you run the risk of not getting your order. There are no refunds or replacements in this scenario.

FedEx can not deliver to PO Boxes with this shipping method, please include a residential or business address.

I wasn't home and FedEx couldn't deliver my order! What do I do now?!

No need to worry! FedEx will do one or multiple of the following actions:

-They will call or text you via the phone number you provided to schedule a new delivery time or let you know where you can pick up your order. They usually reroute it to a nearby FedEx location. In many cases, if you have a local Walgreens, it'll be there for you.

-They will leave a door tag on your door handle. In some cases, they may put it on a door that you don't typically use to enter & leave your house. So this can get missed. Check all your outside door handles for a door tag if you can.

-Check your tracking number, FedEx will list the location that your order is being held at. You can also manage your order from the tracking number if you have a FedEx account. If you don't have your tracking number, please email us as soon as possible at info@AllSportsLocker.com and we will quickly send you the link to it.

Policy Regarding Orders Shipped Via FedEx Priority Express

  • If FedEx can not make contact with you, they will either attempt four (4) deliveries over separate days or hold the order at the FedEx facility for five (5) business days. If your order is not retrieved in that time frame, FedEx will destroy the package. That is their policy, and not done by our request. We do not offer any refunds or replacements on these orders. It is your responsibility to get your order. Please email us at info@AllSportsLocker.com if you need help, we will help you in any way we can so you can get your order if your work schedule conflicts with normal delivery times/etc.
  • If a package has been signed for, the shipping address was correct, and there is a conflict over whether you got the order or not, we do not offer refunds or replacements. We keep all photocopies of signatures on file to protect our customers from theft by porch thieves. Please check with other members of your household, we can supply the photocopy of the signature to you so you can see who signed for it.
  • If a package is refused by you, or another member of your household upon arrival by FedEx, there are no refunds or replacements.
  • We can not change shipping addresses or phone numbers after an order has been sent into production. The shipping labels and manifest paperwork have already have completed at this point, we do this to ensure the orders can leave as soon as they are finished with production.
  • Please contact FedEx if you need to make a change, you can reference your tracking number so they can find your specific order. Please email us at info@AllSportsLocker.com if you need help getting your tracking number.
  • If you did not enter a phone number on your order and paid extra for FedEx Priority Express, we will refund the difference of the shipping cost to you, and send your order via DHL/USPS. From time to time, we offer promotions on FedEx Priority Shipping. If you did not pay extra for it, there are no refunds.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding this shipping method, please email us at info@AllSportsLocker.com, we are always happy to assist and provide information upon request.